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Notable Projects

Nature's Carpet is suitable for a wide variety of residential and commercial purposes. As all consumers - individual, corporate, and government, increasingly appreciate the long term implications of their buying decisions, there is literally no application for which the durability, comfort, and environmentally-responsible nature of Nature's Carpet is not suitable.

For residential applications, please contact a local retailer or order a sample. For larger project considerations, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

Following is a small sample of recent projects which have featured Nature's Carpet:

  • Vancouver, BC – The Olympic Village "Millenium Water" condominium project, a LEED Platinum project, featured Nature's Carpet in the bedrooms and hallways.
  • Telluride, Colorado – A municipal housing project focused on green development installed Nature's Carpet in 6 of its buildings.
  • Vancouver, BC – Cielo, a prominent high-end condominium project in the west end of Vancouver, installed Nature's Carpet in condominium bedrooms.
  • Canadian Navy Ship – the navy has been using Nature's Carpet for its vessels for years due to wool's natural resistance to flames and smoke.
  • Sarah Richardson projects – Nature's Carpet has been selected for several of Sarah Richardson's (Canadian celebrity designer) projects, including for example all the bedrooms of the Hilltop Contemporary design project.

Many television, music, and sports celebrities have selected Nature's Carpet for their private homes, due to the quality, durability, and environmental sensitivity of our products.

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