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Nature's Carpet products are, as the name implies, carpets made from nature. Our line of carpets has been tailored to accommodate the consumer who wishes to make a flooring purchase decision with consideration to its environmental impact, but does not wish to sacrifice quality and style in doing so. Nature's Carpet successfully strikes this balance, offering over 60 styles and colors of 100% wool carpets.

Nature's Carpet takes a pro-active approach to environmental issues. Our carpets, and in particular our "Dark Green" products, are derived from fully sustainable sources, and can be absorbed into the earth in their existing form once their flooring lives are completed. Traditional carpets may be made with a small percentage of recycled content, with the remainder being synthetic products, treated with chemicals, which do not biodegrade. Nature's Carpet comes from and can be returned to earth.

At Nature's Carpet, ongoing research and product development efforts enable us to offer an ever-greater selection of natural floor coverings. We continually seek to understand our customer's needs and integrate those needs into our product offerings.

Please note that we have tried to accurately represent product colors on this website. However, due to the nature of electronic media, the color of actual products may differ slightly from how they appear on this website or on your particular computer. As a result, we recommend that you visit a Nature's Carpet retailer for a more precise color indication.

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