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Nature's Carpet Proud Supplier

State-of-the-Art Green Home featuring Nature's Carpet

May 13, 2013

 Nature’s Carpet Proud Supplier for the ROCKY RIVER GREEN HOME

Nature’s Carpet, North America’s leading distributor of eco-friendly wool carpets, was thrilled to be selected as a preferred supplier for the Rocky River Green Home project, featured in the May/June issue of Organic Spa Magazine.

Beverly Maloney-Fischback, CEO, Founder & Publisher of Organic Spa Magazine- the nation’s leading eco-lifestyle consumer magazine, spearheaded the project which stands as the first-green renovated luxury home in Northeast Ohio.

The state of the art renovation turned the once brick colonial home located in Lakeside, Ohio into the first eco-luxury home in the region, blending modern and traditional elements seamlessly.

"What is unique about this project is that its is the renovation of an existing home using the latest in green-build technologies," says Maloney-Fischback. "of course we are seeing greater use of green materials in new construction projects. But we would like to see an increased focus on the tremendous opportunities to use these same elements in the renovation of older homes," she says.

The project features a touch of almost every green-build design element available to homeowners today. Solar panels, grey water recycling, rainwater harvesting, high-efficient heat pump system, Energy star appliance, LED lighting, luxury bamboo flooring, wool carpets, eco-friendly plumbing fixtures and a sophisticated energy-efficiency monitoring system top the list of green-build features. 

All the building materials, interior design elements and furnishings were sourced based on their level of sustainability, durability and quality. Top level luxury brands like SUB ZERO, WOLF, KOHLER, ASKO and NATURE'S CARPET were chosen based on their commitment to sustainability, and luxury eco-home brands.

The Rocky River Green Home features Nature's Carpet AuReg, colour Autumn Wheat from the Dark Green line. 

Check out the article in the May/June issue of Organic Spa for more information about the project:


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