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The Green Spectrum

In today's world, precisely defining and understanding the meaning of the term "Green" is difficult. Therefore, we have created the Green Spectrum to clarify the varying degrees of our earth-friendly flooring.

Our Dark Green carpet products are the most environmentally friendly, Everest being made of 100% renewable resources and Element being made of 98% renewable resources, and featuring no chemical additives. Medium Green and Light Green carpets, while still far more environmentally conscious than average carpet products, feature many but not all the features of the Dark Green, as outlined below.

  Dark Green Medium Green Light Green
Wool 100% Undyed Wool - no chemicals added 100% Wool 100% Wool
Toxicity Ultra Low Very Low Very Low
Backing System Everest: Natural Cotton Primary & Jute Secondary; Element: Synthetic Primary & Jute Secondary Jute and Premium Synthetic Premium Synthetic
Made of Rapidly Renewable Resources Yes Yes Yes
Filters Allergens and Dust Yes Yes Yes
Durable and Long lasting Yes Yes Yes
98-100% Natural Materials Yes
Natural Rubber Latex Adhesive Yes
No Insect Resists Yes
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