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Green Glossary

This website, and the green community in general, make use of environmentally-relevant terms with which not all users may be familiar. Therefore, we have created this Green Glossary to help you to make the most informed choice about your carpet.

Renewable resource

A renewable resource is a natural resource whose stock is renewable as soon as it has been used. In the carpet industry, the main renewable resource employed is wool, which grows permanently on the sheep's back. Most carpet products, however, are not made from wool and, while they may include some recycled content, are not made of renewable resources. Other animal hairs, like cashmere, and vegetable fibers, like jute, are easily renewable, too.


Biodegradation is the process by which organic substances are broken down by living organisms like bacteria or fungus which develop under certain natural conditions.


A material is said to be reusable when you can re-use it for another purpose without any alteration. This is an environmentally-friendly practice, as it means that you are not going to use any extra resources or extra power to make the material again. This practice is getting more and more important in the industrial world. Nature's Carpet proposes a wool underpad made entirely from wool yarn scraps salvaged from yarn bobbins. By reusing these scraps instead of throwing them away, we illustrate exactly the notion of reusing: finding new fields of application in order to preserve our environment.


Recycling is an environmental practice which consists of salvaging wastes and transforming them in order to use them under a new shape.

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