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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the carpet?

Nature's Carpet's retail prices are comparable to other wool floor coverings in the market. However, the Nature's Carpet products deliver extended benefits that other products, including other wool products, cannot provide. Therefore, Nature's Carpet represents excellent value.

Please make contact with one of our experienced retailers, who can give you a quote based on the amount of carpet you need for your home, office, hotel, or commercial enterprise.

How can I see samples of Nature's Carpet?

The easiest way to view Nature's Carpet is by visiting any of our retailers. You can also Order a Sample, and we will send one to you.

How can I buy Nature's Carpet?

Nature's Carpet can be purchased through any of the retailers across North America identified in our dealer locator feature. These retailers are high-quality flooring and / or environmental building product stores who can assist you with the measurement and installation process.

If your geographic region does not have a retailer carrying our products, this is not a problem. Please just Order a Sample of the product you like, and we will ship it to you at no cost to you. When it arrives, take it to your local flooring store and ask them to contact us to get a quote and delivery timeline. We will ship the carpet anywhere in North America (or other worldwide destination) within the shortest time possible and in the most efficient means.

I am allergic to almost all drapery and soft floor coverings. How can I know that Nature's Carpet will be right for me?

The first carpets in the collection were introduced, on a limited basis, in the early nineties. The results of an initial two-year evaluation of the carpet, in the homes of people presenting high levels of sensitivity to chemical toxins, were outstanding. Further evaluation in the years since has confirmed and built on this remarkable debut. Having said that, to provide the peace of mind that is so important for many of our customers, upon the purchase of Nature's Carpet, we will send a sample piece of the carpet to the consumer for a three-day trial. This piece of carpet will be from the same roll of Nature's Carpet that is to be shipped to you. In the unlikely event that the customer has a reaction from the sample, the order will be cancelled.

Who will install my carpet? Is special attention required?

Our retailers, or other suitable flooring stores if we do not have a retailer in your region, can provide installation services. We recommend installation over our own recycled-wool underlay. Our retailers can assist you in this matter.

How should I maintain Nature's Carpet?

See our Carpet Care & Maintenance Guide (.pdf 190KB)

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